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What mortgage suits you best?
What mortgage suits you best?

What kind of mortgage suits you best?


De Hypotheekshop

There are some difficult matters concerning the search for a new house. The financing of the property is one of these issues. We are very much aware of that and that is why we offer you the best advice within the world of mortgages. A collaboration with De Hypotheekshop makes sure that you will get the best mortgage possible, because we have the best advisors who can give a specific mortgage advice, based on your personal situation.

Starter,where to begin?


In a lifetime, there are some different personal situations. Of course, the situation of being a starter, is the first one. First of all, are you going to buy, or rent a house. The purchase of a new home is a big step and comes with great responsibilities. Renting is a much safer choice, but financially less attractive. Questions like ‘What is the maximum amount I can get’ and ‘How is the interest at this moment’ are very common and we’ll help you to get the right answers.

Renegotiatingyour mortage

New mortgage

You already have a house and a mortgage but you are looking for something new. Now there are lots of options. Depending on the value of the new house you are going to have to choose. Maybe you can afford to pay double monthly costs, maybe you have to switch. Our advisors are aware of all the developments in the real estate market and will help you in any way possible.

What is the mortgage
What is the mortgagegoing to cost?

Monthly costs

Buying a new house is quite exciting, but of course there is more than just living in a nice home. High monthly costs can really have a big influence on your life. That is why we offer you an advisory, before you rush into things. The outcome of this meeting can really give you a clear view of what you can afford and what you can’t do. In that way you can keep doing the things you’ve always done without being limited by financial problems.

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